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Heraldic Beasts of Sedang:
The First Sedang Stamps In 107 Years

Day of Issue: July 15, 1996, at the Chancellery of Sedang, Toronto, Canada.

The first Sedang stamps in 107 years were issued by the Royal Sedang Post of the Sedang court of nobility in exile. The three stamps show heraldic beasts of the Kingdom of the Sedang:


25 centimes (black):    black eagle holding a gold key (crest of Derwin J.K.W. Mak, Prince Regent of Sedang)
50 centimes (red):Chinese dragon, symbol of the emperors of China and Vietnam.
1 piastre (blue):gold lion rampant wearing an Eastern coronet (from the new coat of arms of Sedang; based on the original coat of arms of 1888).

The stamps were offset printed in sheets of 35 with two marginal inscriptions per sheet. All stamps are imperforate. First day covers were made with either a special rectangular “First Day of Issue” cancellation or a red circular date cancellation.

1st day cover

Heraldic Beasts of Sedang issue, 1996
Issue Code: 9601
Prices in:
mint set (25 c, 50c, P1)1.752.40
mint sheets of 35:  
25 c8.7512.00
50 c17.5024.00
P1 35.0048.00
inscription blocks of 14 (specify left or right side):  
25 c3.504.80
50 c7.009.60
First day cover:  
rectangular First Day of Issue cancel2.002.75
red circular date cancel2.002.75

Please quote issue code (9601) when ordering.

Dealers' and agencies' inquiries welcome.


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